Armies and basic OrdersEdit

Alongside their special abilites and attributes, each army has the ability to attack or defend a territory or army, besides just moving about the campaign map. In terms of mechanics these attacks and defences are broken down into 3 orders each that are capable of being used by any army duing a campaign.

Army orders for AttackingEdit

Cautious Advance:

  • Casualties suffered by this army are reduced by a fifth

A general may be keen to scout out a territory to identify enemy forces, or simply wish to make a probing attack to initiate a campaign. A cautious assault can also be useful to disrupt enemy supply line and prevent the enemy from resupplying.

Cautious assaults are less effect at claiming territory - the attackers are less able to overcome the defenders and drive them back - but casualties suffered will be lower


  • There are no modifiers associated with this order

This is the standard order issued by generals who wish to engage the enemy fores in a territory. A balanced attack involves assaulting then enemy positions but seeks weak points in the enemy lines rather than attempting to smash through strong positions.

Charge Assault:

  • Casualties suffered by this army are increased by a fifth

A general who seeks victory at any price can order an overwhelming assault. The army will spend the season seeking out the strongest enemy troops and attempting to smash through their positions. This kind of attack is dangerous - casualties will be higher than normal - but the enemy will gain more ground during that season. 

Army Orders for DefendingEdit

Hold the Line:

  • Casualties suffered by this army are increased by a fifth

A army that commits to a heroic stand will not initiate a military campaign - but they will make the enemy pay for every inch of ground they take. The army will take every oppotunity to engage with the enemy side, they won't fight on to the last soldier, but they will fiht on even until the cause is utterly hopeless.

Dig in:

  • Casualties suffeed by this army are decreased by a fifth</li>

    An arm that attempts the soli defence of a region will seek to mae best use of the terrain to bring the enemy to battle in a way that favours the defender. Casualties suffered are less than than if the army simply attacks, even though an enemy army that attacks is just as likely to be rebuffed.

    Fighting Retreat:


  • Casualties suffere by this army are decreased by a half</li>

    A general that wants their army to carry out a fighting retreat can issue orders to give ground. The army will avoid major engagemets, while still attempted to slow the enemy advance using ambuses and the like. An army that is giving ground is much less effective at holding the territory against an attacker, but will see their casualties reduced accordingly.

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