The Iron BladeEdit

Attribute: Berserk

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A Berserker of the Iron Blades

Effect: A berserk army is capable of focused, sustained attacks against their enemies. They may have superior equipment, advanced combat training, or simply possess an unquenchable thirst for the blood of their foes. As such these armies are renowned for the casualties they cause to their enemies, engaging in close range assaults and brutal melee with their opponents in a display of raw aggression.

Accordingly this army has the ability to utilise two orders, nominally ‘Berserk charge’ & ‘Last stand’ when on the offensive and defensive respectively. The first order allows the army to charge forward in a massed charged of aggression and strength, attacking the most heavily defended positions in waves of bodies and assaulting the best enemy troops in an attempt to break the enemy and rout them. In this regard the army takes 50% more casualties but causes 30% more casualties in the enemy. The second order allows for the enemy to hold a position at increased cost, denying territory to the enemy and slowing them down, it is extremely effective in denying enemy territory and stopping beach heads from being established. In terms of casualties for every 250 enemies the army is outnumbered by they take an additional 100 casualties until the army is wiped out.

The Army as a wholeEdit

Drawn from clans all over the home territory from every walk of Cellborn life, the warriors of the Iron blade embody the single value of the Cellborn; the value of strength, in their method and approach to warfare. Featuring a large number of Indentured bands supported by stern taciturn rites, the iron blade serves as the foremost military host of the Cellborn. Marching forward in a tidal wave of personalised armour and weapons, under a swathe of clan banners and the sound of war horns. The Cellborn lifestyle lends the army a brutal edge as the large compliment of Indentured frequently engage in brutal up close prolonged assaults, plunging head long into enemy positions in displays of strength and brutal dominance. This berserk rage gives its soldiers their reputation but also the army’s higher mortality rate, which the cellborn being the cellborn just take in their stride.     

Size: 3000 at maximum strength