Below is a list of the items within the system broken down into full items and components alongside the relevant Crafting recipes for each, and as to their effect in game as a whole. Players who have a tech skill e.g. Arms tech, bio tech or cyber tech, will have the ability to craft these items to varying degrees as they progress through said tech skills and as such will be able to make use of the components found to manufacture items in relation to the recipes they have. In order to craft an item you must first have the correct recipe, then you must spend 5 minutes role-playing working on which ever item it is you wish to craft before approaching the crafting ref who will switch your used components for the correct item, this Item in system will then last 1 year before breaking down and no longer being able to be utilised. In the case of crafting new items that do not yet exist in the system please read the "Rule of Cool" section below. All crafts who invest at least one point into one of the relevant tech skills start with the Crude Recipes for said skill avaliable to them.

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Rule of CoolEdit

If a crafter attempts to build something that the refs think logically should work, this will be allowed into the system and likely added to the tech tree at the relevant level after discussion. This is to encourage people to try to attempt at building something outside what is already established. Sometimes however the crafter endeavours may not be successful, however they will have a chance to recover some of the components from their tinkering. This is to represent IC a crafters knowledge of what they are using and that they are clever enough to know how to rescue parts from a failed experiment

Upgrading Personal ResourcesEdit

During the course of the system, players will have the option to upgrade their downtime option’s and as such receive bonuses in relation to the chosen action, in game this represents their own small band of men have had their capabilities upgraded within the larger warband they are a part of overall. In regards to this, in order to upgrade a players own personal band they will require a combination of one of three special materials, namely Tetra-steel, Nano-Carbon or Ghost Iron. When utilised in the right quantities or combinations these materials provide a bonus towards a specific outcome. These combinations and the outcomes are listed below in terms of quantities required and the combination of the outcome in relevance to the downtime action.

Downtime Action






Provides an assortment of supplies (5 randomised components) and 5 credits

An investment of 2 bills will provide a temporary Bonus to scavenged supplies for a single downtime (+50% bonus to components and cash)

1 x Nano-Carbon & 1 Ghost Iron

+40% to generated supplies and cash (+2 components and +2 credits)


Provides information on chosen territory


1 x Tetra-Steel & 1 x Nano-Carbon

Provides Bonus to information retrieved


1 bill 6 credits per downtime

An investment of 2 bills will provide a bonus to trade profits in terms of currency generated and components resourced. (+50% and 2 full crafted items)

2 x Ghost Iron

+25% to currency generated


Provides bonus to factional army/Produces a random assort of supplies and cash as wages per downtime


2 x Tetra-Steel

+20% Operation strength to unit equivalent

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