Below is a list of the Augments within the system broken down into their requirements in terms of items and components, alongside the relevant Crafting recipes for each, and as to their effect in game as a whole. Players who have a tech skill e.g. Arms tech, bio tech or cyber tech, will have the ability to craft these items to varying degrees as they progress through said tech skills and as such will be able to make use of the components found to manufacture items in relation to the recipes they have. In order to craft an item you must first have the correct recipe, then you must spend 5 minutes role-playing working on which ever item it is you wish to craft before approaching the crafting ref who will switch your used components for the correct item. In the case of crafting new augments that do not yet exist in the system please read the "Rule of Cool" section on the main crafting page.

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Arms Tech




Power Source


Rig Booster

1 Casing

3 Internals


1 x Cas 3 x Int 1 x Rig-recharger

Weapon Booster

2 Casings

2 Internals

Energy Sheath

2 x Cas 2 x Int 1 x Energy Sheath

System booster

2 Casings

Rig- Uplink

2 x Power sources

2 x Cas 1 x Rig-Uplink 2 x Pwr

Cyber Tech






Augment Uplink

1 Processor

Analysis Software

2 Software packages

1 x Prc 1 x Analysis Software 2 x Sft

Software Node

3 Processors

2 Adaptors

Lock Override

3 x Prc 2 x Adp 1 x Lock Override

Neural Booster

3 Processors

1 Adaptor

Security Task Manager

3 x Prc 1 xAdp 1 x Security task Manager

Bio Tech






Dermal Carapace

2 Bindings

3 Cleaners

Bio stitches

2 x Bnd 3 x Cln 1 x Bio-stitches

Dermal Diffuser

2 Bindings

Dermal patch

3 Sealants

2 x Bnd 1 x Dermal Patch 3 x Slt

Mutation Gland

Isotope 9

Dermal patch

3 Sealants

1 x Isotope 9 1 x Dermal Patch 3 x Sealants

Augmentation EffectsEdit

Rig Booster - Rig attached to the user receives Plus 2 hits on top of its normal assigned hits

Weapon booster - Allows the user to channel power into the weapon to call double once per hour

System Booster - Allows the user to resist one Strike down call per hour

Augment Uplink - Start with an additional hit in cyber space

Software Node - Can run an additional software package in cyber space at the same time

Neural Booster - Gives you one escape route from cyber space when you are downed

Dermal Carapace - Bolsters your body hits by 3

Dermal Diffuser - Allows the user to resist one Stun call per hour

Mutation Gland - Causes the user to develop mutations of a certain nature (Random chance for good or bad mutations

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