Downtime Archive Edit

Below is the archive divided by faction for each factions previous downtimes, listed with their corresponding events to which they are relevant. These will often form parts of chains of downtimes and plot arches so will be accessible to all players whenever they wish to check back on previous details, text copies can be requested should players require one.

The Ruins

Whispers in the Dark

Unseen Eyes & Unknown Secrets

Silence of the Grave

Forgotten Shadows

Demons & Angels


Event 1: Ancients & Echoes

Event 2: Old Frontiers

Event 3: Duty's End

Event 4: Valour's Fall


Event 1: Dark Blades Unto Dominance

Event 2: Sheathes Upon Rest

Event 3: Armour in Defiance

Event 4: Vigilance's Due

The Company

Event 1: Common Interests & Uncommon Costs

Event 2: Fainted Grace

Event 3: Ember's of a cold Heart

Event 4:


Event 1: A Vulture and a Hawk

Event 2: The Wolf & The Hound

Event 3: Pacts Sealed in Blood

Event 4: Oaths Born from Fire

The Lost

Event 1: Red Steps on a Broken Road

Event 2: A Light by the Graveside

Event 3: Mercy's Embrace

Event 4:

Raven Privateers

Event 1: Eyes in the Deep

Event 2: Torment of the Depths

Event 3: Eye of the Storm

Event 4: Children of the Abyss

The Peoples

Event 1: A Path Seldom Trod

Event 2: Spirits of the Forlorn

Event 3: A People's Cry

Event 4: A Glint in the Darkness

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