The 1st ChapterEdit

Attribute: Disciplined

1st chapter banner

Banner of the 1st Chapter

Effect: A disciplined army is one that is well organised and relentlessly drilled, with every soldier knowing their place and duty within the chain of command. As such in battle disciplined armies take fewer casualties from combat due to their ability to support one another whilst carrying out actions.

Accordingly this army has the ability to utilise the ‘Strategic Strike’ Order when on the defensive. This order allows the army to concentrate on analysing the enemy’s movements and patterns to find a weak point or miss-step before striking out to cripple the enemy in key locations. Armies utilising this order take 20% less casualties and inflict 20% more casualties when operating on the defence. 

The Army as a wholeEdit

Smaller than the armies raised by the other factions, the 1st chapter as the force is known amongst Hive-sec, is by no means any less capable than its brethren from the other kingdoms. In fact the exact opposite is the exact truth, as the 1st Chapter contains a higher proportion of veteran enforcers and experienced rangers supported by companies of civilian levy militia. Adding to this the hive-sec life style of constantly training, prepping weapons and studying the arts of war lends the 1st chapter a lethal edge where the training of its members, professionalism of its troops and dedication of its leaders provides a cohesive disciplined force that is more effective out of proportion to its numbers.   

Size: 2000 at maximum strength