The FirstEdit

Named for their prominent position with the Lost’s

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social structure, ‘The First’ Family are named for the role that their ancestor played in the founding of the Lost as an independent identity, separate from their ‘Old brothers’. The First represent the direct descendants of the Great Nomad, He who Lead the Lost to their new home in refuge and founded the great camp that the Lost use still today. One of the most active families within the Lost’s home territory and the Refuge, the First serve as the foremost tip of the Lost’s spear when facing threats, gathering information of the most hazardous threats as well as acting as one of the most recognised groups of the Lost seen throughout the dead Hive. According the Traders of the First family have developed a knack for dealing with outsiders and as well as procuring necessary items from the most unlikely of sources to ensure the families survival, alongside the families Boundsmen who have become accustomed to handling the outside threats that the family face on their travels along the nomadic roads. As such the Family has ascertained a reputation for Pragmatic resilience when dealing with the denizens of other cultures as well as a stern realism about what a waits those on the nomadic roads.   

The BoundEdit

One of the Youngest families of the lost, The Bound have begun to claw out a name for themselves within the lost as they continue to grow in influence and numbers. Descended from a small group of warriors from the Great migration that led the ancestors to the Refuge, the Bound pride themselves on their commitment to survival of the families and the Refuge itself, acting as one of the few families that does not walk the nomad’s roads, instead choosing to settle permanently within the Refuge itself, guarding it from intruders and mutants between the time of the Elder meet. Accordingly the Bound have begun to gain a reputation for steadfast reliability in their cause and in a determination in their path that few can shake them from, with their few traders assuring a continual flow of resources into the refuge by any means necessary as well as to the families that most need it, and their Boundsmen being some of the most experienced at holding ground and fighting alongside others from outside the family at a moment’s notice.