Rodrick's Raisers
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Located within Rust Town, the ‘Raisers’ as they are known to the general technician populace were formed shortly after the events of the fall by one of the few surviving security personnel that had worked with the engineers, Rodrick Volker banded those who could and would fight together into the first Militia of the Mech-Corp, the first fighting band of soldiers that the Mech-Corp could call upon to defend the dome and their growing settlements. Today the raisers have multiple militia companies spread across the dome, with their home recruiting grounds being in rust town alongside the Militia hall over in Overhang, the Raisers serve the Mech-corp as a rough and ready Military arm under which all those of the technicians can clamour to who have an aptitude for war. Accordingly the ‘regiment’ as the Leaders of all the Mech-Corp militias call them, has gained a reputation for die hard loyalty to its people, as well as a stubbornness to never back down in the face of a threat. As such this has rubbed off on the members of the raisers, as its troopers; whether they are Line troopers all the way through to rear echelon logisitic handlers, have developed a stern attitude of acceptance in the face of death, readily accepting the possibilities and still marching forwards in the defence of their homes.  

The Framington Estate

One of the original 7 specialist families, the Framington Estate’s reside within the Guild slope itself, overseeing a wide palatial grounds centred around a great brass and iron work mansion with its own guards and work grounds, the rest of the land turned over to cultivated mechanical life that the members of the direct framington family are forever working on in pet projects. The Estate itself has become sin-ominous with the most grandiose Biological and Cybernetic technology projects undertaken within the last 50 years by the extended Framington Family, its ranks of members from aunts and uncle through to distant cousins lending it an enormous amount of knowledge and influence in their never ending strives for technological dominance over the other specialist families. Within the Wider Mech-Corp the Framington estate serves as one of the governing houses that make up the Parliament as well as one of the chief research families that constantly evaluates and refines the technology recovered by the Mech-Corp as well as that which is directly developed by them within the dome. According the Estate and the Framington family have gained a reputation for technological excellence with the specialist ranks, lending them an air of intelligence that is respected by the other Specialist families, whilst being viewed as extreme arrogance by the technicians for their constant forward strives at the expense of technician lives in some cases.