The Black-CoatsEdit

Attribute: Adaptive

Port security

Black-Coat sailors from the Armada

Effect: An adaptive army has experience working with and integrating mercenaries and other independent military units of varying expertise into their structure and making best use of these skills. They may employ seige engineers, expert scouts, raiders, Light Infantry, heavy brawlers or port militias at different points depending on the challenges they face, adapting to the change of circumstance in an attempt to stay one step ahead of their opponents and catch them off guard by switching their actions to the unexpected, but each group can only be employed once every so often as these independents fore fill their contracts to the army before returning to their homes or other work contracts.

Accordingly this army has the ability to utilise the cautious, pillaging, seige, skirmishing or resilient skill once per season, at which point that skill may not be used again for another 2 seasons afterwards. Upon this army’s general election it may use any one of these skills but the above restriction is in effect immediately from the start   

The Army as a wholeEdit

Built up from compliments of port militia’s, ship bound raider marines and rigger deck hands, the Black-Coat’s serve as the main armada of the raven privateers. In their home territory their ships rove the tunnels in flotillas of heavy armed retrofitted cargo barges; nicknamed brutes for their ugly appearance, escorted by fast shark cutters. On the ground, the armada’s mixture of experiences and expertise’s lends it an unpredictable temperament and adaptability to whatever situation it may find itself in when in combat. This adaptability has saved it many times during the course of its history with its riggers and raiders joking that if the armada could change any more it could masquerade as the swarm it was trying to kill.   

Size: 3000 at maximum strength