Colony One Starting locations with map routes

A map of the Known Territories in the ruins

As a system Hive: Catacysm is focussed around the actions of the expeditionary forces of the various cultures in their war for survival, facing off against one another in their attempts to control the necessary nodes to allow for the curcial supplies to reach their home lands and their wider territories. As well as the actions of their armies to dominant the ruins of the once great colony, and allow for the flow of resources to strengthen their culture as a whole, their battles for conquest against the various mutant swarms that inhabit the ruins, alongside other cultures forces, as wars of the limited amount of space and supplies drive force them to clash in order for one to climb the pile of survival over the other. As such during the events the players will face off against a multitude of foes as well as at times each other, whilst on the larger campaign map of the colony ruins their elected commanders direct their armies in campaigns fo domination to assure their continued survival as a whole.

Types Of Territories And EffectsEdit

Within the ruins of the colony hive, the once great metropolis had various sectors of industry, manufactoring, great power stations and forests of habitation blocks where its populace spent their leisure hours, all under the watchful and protective eye of the Colonial military defence bastions located around the colony. After the fall these areas where left largely uninhabited, save for the mutant kind, their machinery left unattended and forgotten; large piles of supplies left in their stores, with great mounds of potentially life saving resources abandoned to rot in their warehouses, Weapon stores left sealed in their crates in lost armouries. Accordingly now with the cultures of the ruins once more stepping out in force to lay claim to these positions and supplies, each territory has a different effect on what supplies are recovered from what areas of ground within the ruins. These have been Listed below for quick reference.

Industrial - Predominantly ancient processing lines for rapid construct items for local use or to be shipped off world, these industrial sights have a large quantity of Robotics and Automated control systems built into their infasstructure networks and assembly lines. Accordingly since the fall these units and their warehouses of half constructed items, as well as spare components have sat idle, waiting for some knowing team of scavengers to discover their cybernetic horde.

Main Output: Cyber-Tech Components

Manufacturing - Built of large foundries lines that flowed into one another, these vast cities of factories, assembly lines, forges and workshops were the life blood of production for the colony before the fall. They created vast quantities of supplies and any item that was required, their industrial nano-forges built at the centre allowing for any mechanical item to be constructed and produced to vast scales. Now they sit empty and silent, their only workers the mutants that infest their network of maintenance tunnels and store houses, transit tunnels silent as the grave. their warehouses filled with the mountains of production left untouched by mankind since those dark days.

Main Output: Arms-tech Components

Power generation - The beating hearts of the colony, without which their could be no life in the colony, the energy created by their vast turbine halls and Shock coil chambers power the atmos generators that allowed for humanity to breath, as well as sending power to every part of the colony so that its people may grow. Since the fall these same vast caverns of generators have been left unattended and unguarded, they systems barely ticking over as their simplistic monitoring systems barely register a need for their function bar the few remaining atmos generators in full function.

Main Output: Credits (Payment from Faction Leaders for addtional power supply)

Medical - Every city has its sick, the human species before the fall was at the peak of its health, Bio-augmentation for the wealth and designer genetics being common place for those that could afford it. For the rest the benefits of these advances in science and medicine had fair reaching effects, the common human life span extending to over 150 years, as such Hospitals expanded into full medical compounds with vast quantities of biological supplies and medic equipment at their beck and call. Since the fall these medical compounds have sat abandoned, their vaults of medical supplies waiting to once again be called upon to save the lives of humanity.

Main Output: Bio-Tech & Random Medical supplies

Habitation - A colony is nothing without its people, and as such a large portion of the colony was given over to forests of habitation blocks. These were comfortable appartments stacked storey upon storey reaching the the carved colony roof, housing the working populace of the colony in their millions in a great hive of activity. Before the fall these forests of homes were spred out all around the colony to allow for the populace to live close to their residence of work, with the more wealth members living in spaciously appointed apartments in the towers surrounding the central colonial spires. Now these places sit empty, their once comfortable decor reduced to rubble and debris by the mutants that nest in some of the blocks, whilst others sit silent, waiting to be reclaimed. 

Main Output: Credits/Random Components

Military - The time before the fall was one of scientific wonders and the rebirth of mankind as a species, but it was not to say a peaceful one. The changes that saved humanity were born out of a dire war that was almost the death sentence for humanity, as such as humanity learned to walk the stars so did it with the military at the forefront. As colonies were established so were colonial defence forces to stand by as ever watchful protectors of these outposts of human endeavour in the stars. After the fall the colonial forces withdrew to fewer and fewer positions, leaving bastions and defence installations abandoned, their armouries sealed with untold amounts fo weaponry and munitions waiting to be recovered and put to the defence of mankind once again.

Main Output: Random Arms-tech items & Munitions 

Nodes and ControlEdit

Before the fall once stood a dozen great Agricultural domes, dedicated to producing the food necessary to maintain the population of the colony as an independant outpost of humanities reach. These domes were organised and automated by the control nodes, great cybernetic servers controlled by simple VI's whose task it was to ensure the distribution of the food produced to the correct location and to provide an ever flowing stream of nutrition to the colony populace. After the fall only one of these great domes was left functioning, dedicated to its simplistic mandate of ensuring the continued survival of the human race by the production of food. Now this sole VI has gone offline and the dome has shut down with it, the cultures of the ruins have dispatched expeditionary forces to ascertain the problem and to take control of these system nodes to get the crucial food supplies flowing once more before their rationed stockpiles run out.

Within the Dome are a series of System control nodes that organise the food production that is sent out to the various points that each culture uses to provide a large portion of its food supplies. With the VI gone it falls to the players to gain control of these nodes to get the food going again, as such during events players will have the option to launch operations to wrestle control of these various nodes to their control and thus their faction alignment, so sending food back to the faction. Other factions will have the oppotunity to do as such as well once access to the nodes has been gained, including attacks on your nodes leading to your faction having to defend your hard won gains.

In simplistic terms the fights over the nodes are conducted as such, Every faction has the unlimited oppotunity to defend the nodes they control, however they have a limited number of attacks they can launch on controlled nodes of other factions. Once the nodes are active the players will have upto four attacks across the event (one on friday, two on saturday and one on sunday) to attempt to wrestle control from the other factions, these fights will be overseen by the tempestus as part of their role.

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