The Last VoiceEdit

Attribute: Light Footed

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A scout of the Last Voice

Effect: A light footed army is fast on their feet, able to move quickly over long distances in short periods of time. This is not just a quality of speed - moving thousands of soldiers overland is a daunting logistical prospect and often an organisational nightmare. However for a light footed force used to being on the move and transporting everything they need on the very troops themselves this ability becomes a useful feature for a force that can rapidly redeploy against new threats.

Accordingly this army can move as fair within its own territory as its general wishes, representing the forces capability to rapidly move through familiar territory, as well as in the case of the Lost their nomadic nature making it easy for them to operate in large numbers without the need for large supply trains.

The Army as a wholeEdit

Brought together by the more military minded families and warlike Boundsmen, and supported by the decree of the elders, the last voice represents the wrath of the lost, the same wrath that was stoked by the great nomad and kept them safe as they marched the long walk to refuge. Built upon the elements of great bands of boundsmen, led by the most taciturn tradesmen, the last voice utilises every skill its troops and leaders have, the culture of the lost lending the last voice the ability to keep on the move or pack up and change position at a moment’s notice with little issue and respond to every major threat.  

Size: 3000 at maximum strength