The Quiet StepEdit

Attribute: Cautious

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A warrior of the quiet step

Effect: A cautious army is adept at gathering information about opposing forces. While it is active in a territory, associated rangers, agents or friendly locals gather intelligence about opposing forces in the area. They compose a report specifically for their general which includes information such as details of the armies and forces in the territory; their allegiance; an estimation of their strength; the name of their general; information about their special qualities; significant local fortifactions; and other potentially useful strategic and tactical information about the forces involved in it.

Accordingly this army’s general receives reports on other forces in territory they are in, covering their strength, combat stance, special qualities and any additional forces attached to the army. This represents the forces cautious nature and use of forward scouts to check out potential threats in order to avoid traps or ambushes as well as giving a better view of the force overall. In terms of the Peoples this represents their careful nature and natural habit of scouting out a position first before letting any force of any size of their populace into an area. 

The Army as a wholeEdit

Formed by the will of the tribal leaders, and blessed by the shamans of the iron tree, the quiet step was the answer of a quiet people with a careful mentality to a violent and brutal world. Formed from dozens warband’s of the most warlike and determined hunters, led by the most experienced of their tribes with shamans overseeing their war path, whilst gatherers draw together the needed supplies for the quiet step to carry on their march. The quiet step marches to war with the culture of the various tribes of the peoples behind them, their careful nature as a civilisation lending them a careful nature as an army, utilising forward scouts to ensure they have everything they need to know before committing to the final act.

Size: 3000 at maximum strength