Sanctuary Edit

Forming the unofficial name for the Peoples

Tribal camp
home territory, Sanctuary encompasses all the tribal lands of the peoples and their home towns, or camps depending on how you look at them. Roughly split down into three main tribal lands, with an assortment of smaller areas where the lesser tribes dwell, Sanctuary resembles a great urban jungle with the people’s tribes living in great concrete trees of glass and iron. Each of the tribal lands consists of a central tribe camp where the majority of the people of the tribe live, surrounded by a series of small nests or singular tents where the tribes Huntsmen gather to maintain a constant vigil on the border of their territory. Each of the tribal camps consists of a central building or tent where the tribal elders live, surrounded by a series of tents where the families of the rest of the tribe live, with a set of more solid sheds where supplies are stored as well as equipment constructed by the camp gatherers, and a small ring where the Hunters practice as young tribesmen until they reach the required age to take the test of the hunter, which varies from tribe to tribe.

The Font Edit

­A small town in the middle of the people’s home territory, the font encircles the Iron tree of the Peoples, and marks the first meeting point of the people’s ancestors after they emerged from their shelters. With the Iron tree at its heart the font never consists of more than half a dozen tents where a small but dedicated tribe live who maintain the tree and the murals painted there in memory of the fallen, their Huntsmen maintaining a constant state of vigil over the site. The only time the number of people here grows is during the festival of remembrance where the number of people can grow to its hundreds.