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A Member of the Techno-Order in Field within the Dome

The Techno-Order

Formed originally from amongst the more older members of the survivors who could remember before the more modern technologies used during the era of the fall, the Techno-order began as a means by which the survivors within the dome could remember the history of their achievements, as well as a place where people could go to learn of their history for those that came afterwards. This reverence for knowledge soon began to take on a more religious tone with each passing generation, as each added to the stored memories within and revered those that came before, the keepers of these stacks of history began to change as well as they took on a more and more spiritual form towards the people of the Mech Corp, members of the society seeking members out to listen to their woes and issues as the priests of old earth once did. Today the Techno-order serves as the spiritual crutch of its people, Technicians and Specialists alike coming to the great barn to hear the sermons of the Guardians that maintain the knowledge within and mark the passing of great achievements within their society, whilst the Guardians of the Techno-order serve to spread the reverence for knowledge that their forefathers gifted to them in the memory stacks.

The Demoted

Demoted are members of the specialist caste who for various reasons have been dropped from their position of status amongst their fellow specialists for a specific reason, e.g. Breaking a law, Promoting Liberal ideas such as equal rights for technicians, or out of control science experiments. They have all the same advantages as specialists in terms of advantages and disadvantages but they are a part of the technician caste in that they are no longer welcome in the specialist’s ranks. This may change should the ‘Demoted’ re-earn their status.